CFIA is a small Paris /France based company exporting the latest technology for :

-          Wheat flour correctors for millers,

-          Wheat flour improvers for bakers,

-          Premixes for special breads, such as croissants or viennoiseries,

-          Textured Vegetable Proteins as red or white meat replacer,

-          Extruded cereals for the chocolate industry,

-          Lactoserum replacers,

-          other as show on our web site :



This diversity of production is a real challenge for our company CFIA (French Company of ingredients and additives) that is by offering solutions tailored to each market with the "French Touch".


CFIA provides a wide range of improvers, yeast, premixes and other products for professionals from the milling and / or bakery, food importers, ...

We offer products tailored to the needs of our clients, their cultural habits and respondents to local constraints.



It is on our website, you can discover an important part of our business, while keeping in mind that we are "formula" thus able to meet your specific needs. This showcase of CFIA is constantly changing and is enriched by comments and expectations that we offer to send us via the "contact us" which is for you or simply mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .