The pointing or stitching is the first stage of rest after kneading.

He started off at the mess and ends on the first shaped bread. In the score, the dough rests either in the mixing bowl or in an annex tank. This period allows the fermentation to grow within the pulp.

After that first time when the dough expands, it becomes, in a second time less elastic and takes tenacity and volume.

The baker must stop the scoring when he considers that this consistency of decision does not hinder the following operations that are weighing and especially running or shaping.


The dough is weighed in increments of about 6 kg (given important to know because it determines the weight of the bread before baking) and passed to the divider, which divides the quantity of dough weighing 300 gram dough pieces.

The dividers are varying amounts to between 10 and 25 make dough.