The Asian markets and the African markets use the flours, mainly, for the manufacture of DOUGHNUTS. The use of the traditional flours is impossible, except to return doughnuts gorged with cooking oil.

After several years of research, GEMEF finished the tests of its very new "regulator for DOUGHNUTS". The biggest advantage of this new product is its extreme concentration: one needs only 10 to 15 grams of regulator to be mixed with ten kilos of untreated wheat flour. The critical point of the control of this kind of products for DOUGHNUTS is a four hours deadline. At the end of this period, the flours become liquid, and absorb more oil than necessary. With this new and revolutionary corrector, DOUGHNUTS are looking like DOUGHNUTS, (would it be hand made or industrial, the outputs are increased and the oil losses, with in day, are erased and gummed.