The job of the baker does not stop to buy a wheat-flour. Who could say enough professional to determine the quality of flour by looking, by feeling or by touching? The baker will know very quickly at the kneading machine, if what he bought is the one which allows him to get good bread.

In fact what research the baker, is capture and retain of customers. Attracting customer, is only possible with a product which can only be pleasing to the eye. Buy bread is not a trivial. Essential element of a good table, the bread must give envy to eat it.

In all the parameters of the bread, the five senses are awakened, with in addition, the behavior over time. There can be no "one" reference bread, but bread that makes the service is asked to make to ensure the equivalent of purchase.

Whatever the country, regardless of the customs, the bread is an essential part of good tables. Unfortunately, bread is a price. The baker knows this and will take steps to maximize the performance of its equipment, expertise and wheat-flour it will work.

The CFIA is present to help the baker to work an unstable product over time, quality often uneven from one day to another, and that must extract the quintessence to offer the urge to buy.

At the kneading, mixed with yeast, water and salt, the baker gets a mass which is simply the addition of these ingredients. Mix wheat-flour improver increases significantly the hydration of the dough, by the absorption of additional water, while keeping the effect of yeast.

The improvement must be synchronized with the fermentation time of a given region. It complements the yeast to make, while resting or in the growing chamber, the swelling of optimum dough before charging in the oven. It is the driving force behind the appearance of bread. More attractive volume makes the bread.

It acts as a tube in a tire, allowing imprisoning a greater quantity of ambient air, and retaining it until the oven. It acts, as well, as a natural dye to make the crust amber, gold at will, while maintaining the softness of the crumb.


 Finally, in the oven where the bread tends to lose its internal moisture due to heat, it develops aromas and conservation.
Adopting bread-improvers sold by CFIA is equivalent to make the choice of quality and expertise internationally recognized and appreciated.