controlled drives, controlled bread, precooked etc).

Our premixes can be used:

- Milling stage to a mix

- Directly or bakery.

Halfway between aid to the mill and helping bakeries, Premixes are complex formulas, simple to use. The imagination of the creators leads them to replicate the five senses necessary for the proper assessment of a finished product that you will enrich the range of products you porpose to sale.

The principle of succession premixed ease of use. An incorporation rate is specified (eg 25%). The user will only have to 'dilute' the successful premixed (eg premixed 25% + MEAL 75%) in flour on site. It will have a MIXE ready for use. This MIXE replace white flour to the baker regularly up the mess. All ingredients are met, including the salt. There is no limit to creativity. Therefore, we are always interested to hear your feedback on the tastes and textures of our products manufactured locally by your bakers.

A new formula nearest local culinary habits can be developed quickly.

for our bakers friends, is the trouble that the MIX is manufactured by simple mixing between our premixes and

least Cheere immediately available flour. The results are immediate, revenues as defined by our French bakers are available on request .

In developing these concentrates, a special effort was made to avoid any change in the working methods of your customers bakers.

More diversity in the number of loaves offered to your customers will make you gain notoriety.

- To our friends millers, a simple mixing station (often present in flour milling) will provide special meals, often original, since they incorporate the principle of taste and texture of good French bread. Acquire Premixes can offer more choice in the types of flour. We are ready to develop flour for use, so the use of by-products of milling, like sounds (fine or coarse), the sharps or low flours