AQUATEX 8074 - For extruded feed

AQUATEX 8071 - For hurry foods


The SOTEXPRO GEMEF Industries group company has developed a product for industrial working in the field of fish farming. AQUATEX is incorporated at a rate of 7-15% in the preparations for fish feed.


This product comes in a dual formula.

- AQUATEX COOKED: The formulation that you use takes into account the already cooked products. AQUATEX you mix in a blender with your other ingredients. You press the whole to obtain pellets. For a hurry food for intensive aquaculture: AQUATEX 8071 between 7 and 15% (post larval shrimp 2 grams - Beginning magnification and magnification up to 20 grams).

- AQUATEX CRU: The formulation that you use takes into account the raw products. You mix AQUATEX before extrusion. You press the whole to obtain pellets. To an extruded food for intensive aquaculture: 8074 AQUATEX between 7 and 15% (start growing stages up to 20 grams)


Tests on feed for shrimp 2.7 grams (L. VANNAMEI - White shrimp from South America) with a capitalization of 30% peas (Diet with 30% protein and 10% fat) showed that :

- Micronisation of peas increases the palatability and quantity of food consumed;

- Extruding the pea increases the stability of the pellet food in the water (very important for shrimp);

- Extrusion of pea does not have much influence;

- Feed conversion ratios have improved with extruded and micronized peas.


Producer's Note:

Better to incorporate AQUATEX 8071 because the product is extruded at a temperature above 160 ° C, while the aqua industry in cooking medium is rarely above 120 ° C.