Water is just as important as flour. It must be clear, and if possible clean and free of parasites or pathogens
It operates up to 55-70% by weight of flour implemented trouble

Flour absorbs more water, more the baker will be able to make a number of rolls (in units) higher; indeed with a hydration rate of the pulp 55%, we obtain 100 kg flour + 55 liters of water, a total of 155 kg of dough. With a 70% hydration, the baker will work on the basis of 170 kilos of dough.
- The water temperature is a valuable and serious indication of quality. The bakers are working increasingly with water fountains, where water is chilled until between 1 and 4 ° C.


- It is important to know these two factors, the actual water temperature casting and quantity. Task is not always easy.